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Why Spray tanning is better than UV tanning

The popularity of UV Bed tanning is slowly diminishing the more it is declared harmful, only increasing the popularity of sunless tanning. But, why is UV tanning so dangerous? And why do we occasionally hear of spray tanning being just as bad for the body? We’ve broken down the pros and cons of each to show you which is the healthier tanning service!

Automatic spray Machine ( Sjolie Products)
Spray Tanning during Covid 19


Works with the outermost layer of the skin for an overall healthier alternative to UV tanning

  • Requires no sun exposure

  • Provides instant and gradual color

  • Customizable color results

  • Provides the skin with hydration and anti-oxidant benefits

  • Safe for breastfeeding/expecting mothers (with doctor approval)


  • Can be costly

  • Requires daily maintenance

  • Provides short-term results


  • Low weekly/monthly costs

  • Some may find bed tanning to be relaxing

  • Tan skin can hide imperfections (i.e..Cellulite and freckles)


  • UV rays penetrate the skin deeply causing premature aging and wrinkling

  • Can create burns and sunspots on the skin

  • Poses risk for allergic reaction

  • Skin becomes drier and more dull looking

  • Known to cause Cancer – using a tanning bed under the age of 35 increases chances of cancer by 75%

  • Can cause eye damage

  • UV Beds can cause infection or illness if not properly cleaned

  • Provides short term results

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