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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the hair 🌼 and it’s time to overhaul your haircare routine and embrace the change of season with our tips 👇

🧴 Now the chilly weather has passed, your hair isn’t losing as much moisture, so switch to a lightweight, hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo that cleanses the scalp and adds body. Try Milkshake Sun & More for hydrated, healthy locks.

☀️ Sun protection for your strands and scalp becomes even more important with sunny days. Our fave is Milkshake Sun & More incredible milk lightweight, non-greasy and invisible.

🌈 Refresh your colour. Spring is the perfect time to lighten your shade, add a pop of vibrant colour or experiment with a pretty pastel palette.

Book a complimentary colour consultation and we’ll advise you on the best shade for your skin tones, hair condition and lifestyle.

Let’s help you spring into a beautiful you…

To shop pop in and say hello or 📞 514 505 0789 OR 📱 DM us Buy from our online store

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