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New Keratin offering 4 services, intense smoothing, anti frizz, perfect curl, regenerating service.


milk_shake® k-respect keratin system


milk_shake® k-respect keratin system is the innovative smoothing

anti-frizz system for all hair types.

Its specific formula guarantees the best result to eliminate frizz and give straight hair from 3 to 5 months.

The smoothing treatment is safe and in conformity with regulations to respect the health of the client.

When hair appears weak, fragile and dull, it means that the hair’s structure has been altered and impoverished, thus lacking all of those elements that guarantee the integrity and functionality of the hair; this can occur because of repeated chemical treatments, environmental aggressors, or bad eating habits. Otherwise, if the structure of the hair tends to be curly, it may just be that the frizzy effect of the hair makes the hair difficult to manage.

The hair needs a treatment that:

/ improves the condition of the hair

/ reduces volume

fights frizz

/ gives shine

/ makes hair easy to manage, even when at home

Keratin is a substance naturally present in

the hair. It works like a bond, giving the

hair elasticity and resistance.

milk_shake® k-respect keratin smoothing system is a smoothing treatment containing keratin and precious oils from the Amazon rainforest with a high-quality formula that modifies the hair fibre, making it smooth and stable with a long-lasting effect, without damaging the hair. The objective is to eliminate frizz without intervening with the natural structure of the hair. Its action eliminates frizz, halving drying times and making hair healthier and shinier, with a result that lasts from 3 to 5 months.

A safe formula that respects the law

/ no added formaldehyde

/ with a % of glyoxal in line with regulations*

/ with naturally-sourced active ingredients

milk_shake® k-respect creates beautiful hair.

milk_shake® k-respectrange restores the natural beauty of the hair, eliminating frizz and guaranteeing a long-lasting smooth effect. The service is extremely flexible and allows to customize the result depending on whether the client needs an anti-frizz treatment, natural movement, or perfectly straight hair. This is why it is suitable for all hair types: curly, frizzy, coarse, fine, or damaged hair. The result is healthy, shiny hair with an effect that lasts after each wash.

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