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How to deal with dry or frizzy hair

How to deal with dry or frizzy hair

Dry or frizzy hair can be a bit of a challenge, says Valerie but don’t despair. You can tame the frizz and say goodbye to dry hair by following a few simple steps.

What causes dry hair?

One of the most common causes of dry hair is overuse of heated styling tools explains Valerie.

Other reasons include:

  • The scalp not producing enough natural oils.

  • Relaxers, perms and colouring or bleaching products used too often or incorrectly.

  • Too much exposure to sunny or windy weather.

  • Washing hair too often.

  • Using harsh shampoos and conditioners.

The end result is dry, unmanageable hair that looks dull and unhealthy.

Valerie’s do’s and don’ts to treat dry hair

Here’s how to get back the shine and bounce advises valerie:

“Firstly, book an appointment 514 505 0789 or online to have your hair trimmed (or restyled if you fancy a change). This will get rid of any split ends that are making your dry hair problem worse.”


  • Try to avoid over-use of heated styling tools.

  • Blow-dry your hair less often.

  • Protect your hair when out and about by wearing a hat – especially in the sun.

  • Avoid chlorine and sea water.

  • Reduce frequency of washing as this removes the hair’s protective oils.

  • Use a weekly nourishing masks and leave-in treatments to help lock in moisture.

Fighting the frizz

As if dryness and dullness isn’t enough to cope with, the ‘frizz’ is often not far behind as frizzy hair is craving moisture says Valerie. If you don’t give frizzy hair the hydration it needs with moisturising products and the proper care, it will take moisture from the humidity in the air.

Both straight and curly hair can become frizzy. Heat and high humidity will often cause problems for those prone to frizziness.

Valerie adds “We have some really effective treatments and products to protect your hair against the effects of humidity and also calm the frizz.”

She/he/they also recommends these steps to help combat frizzy hair:

  • Book regular trims as split ends will make your hair look frizzier.

  • Apply intense overnight treatments.

  • Ask your stylist to recommend the right moisturising shampoo and conditioner for you.

  • Rinse out conditioner with cold water to seal the cuticle and reduce moisture loss.

  • Ensure hair is 100% dry when blow-drying as the slightest trace of moisture can cause frizz.

Switch up products to combat dryness and frizziness

You may have been using the same products for years says Valerie but now could be a good time to make some changes. We have some brilliant products to help treat dry and frizzy hair including rich shampoos and conditioners, shine sprays, masks, heat protection, hair oils and leave-in conditioners.

“We love to help and can talk you through our range and recommend products that will work best for your hair type. It’s particularly important to get this right if your hair is chemically treated or has been permed or coloured.

You can also opt for an in-salon gloss treatment to really amp up the shine.

Book a haircare consultation

Not sure how to cope with dry or frizzy hair? To find out which products and treatments will best suit you and your lifestyle, book a consultation on

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