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Brazilian Blowouts: Three Popular Choices for Self-Care

Are you tired of taming your frizzy, curly, or unmanageable hair every day? You may have heard about the Brazilian blowout and seen its results, but do you know how it works? While any keratin smoothing treatment is an investment, the stunning results that last for months might just have you scheduling your first appointment by the time you finish this blog. Let’s discuss three popular treatments, their differences, and what results you can expect.

The Original Brazilian Blowout

Using keratin, a naturally-occurring protein in your hair, the original Brazilian Blowout hair treatment straightens hair follicles while adding gorgeous dimensions of shine. This treatment starts by washing and conditioning your hair with a proprietary keratin solution is applied after. Your hair is then dried again and flat ironed to seal in the applied treatment. The original Brazilian Blowout process can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours depending on your hair’s length and thickness. Your sleek new locks should continue to look fabulous for up to three months!


A variation of the original Brazilian Blowout, Nanoplastia is a smoothing treatment formulated without formaldehyde. Instead, this treatment uses nanotechnology to penetrate the hair shaft when delivering the keratin protein formula. The Nanoplastia, sometimes called “Nanoplasty,” is a hair rebonding treatment designed to reduce frizz, repair hair damage, and increase volume. The results are thick, manageable hair without harmful chemicals. Nanoplastia treatments last longer than the original Brazilian Blowout but hair may not look as straight.


Formulated with a mix of keratin and amino acid oxoacetamide, this Brazilian blowout variation does not contain formaldehyde and nourishes hair as it decreases frizz. Oxiplastia is considered a smoothing treatment that reduces hair follicle volume and repairs hair fibers. The results are intense shine and manageability. Consider Oxiplastia a cross between Botox and Keratin where unruly hair is relaxed, loosened, and repaired.

Differences and Results

When it comes to differences between keratin smoothing treatments, it often comes down to their formulas. While there is no such thing as “100% safe” hair straightening systems because they all contain synthetic ingredients, each treatment is designed with different users in mind. If you are concerned about how formaldehyde will interact with your hair, scalp, and lungs the original Brazilian Blowout is probably not your best choice. Nanoplastia and Oxiplastia are both formaldehyde-free, making them more natural alternatives.

But if you are looking for super straight results, the original Brazilian Blowout system is suitable for all hair types and has been known to straighten the tightest of curls. Users love how easy it is to throw their hair into up-dos and transition from work to a night out without all of their usual frizz-taming routines. The traditional Brazilian Blowout treatment is by far the most well-known in the industry because of its results and how much time it saves you from washing, blow drying, and styling as you go through your day.

Which Keratin Smoothing Treatment is Right for You?

After doing your research, discuss your personal preferences with a trained beauty professional. The Salon M Toi team is here to consult with you about straightening and smoothing treatments, their ingredients, and what results you can expect based on your own personal hair profile.

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